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All icons are hand-painted on wood using traditional materials (selected aged timber frames, egg tempera (ground precious and semiprecious stones mixed with egg yolk) 24K gold leaf, natural powder paint and varnishes) and old techniques.

Painted icons can be ordered in all sizes. Price depends on the icon’s size as well as on the complexity of a painted composition.

How to Handle a Painted Icon

Painted icons are highly sensitive to rapid temperature fluctuations, draughts, excessive or insufficient moisture… They are not to be placed near heating units. Please do not wipe icons with wet cloth, and do not polish them with oil, as it will damage the paint.

You can order any icon either by giving me your own specimen, or by choosing an icon from presented catalogue (family icons, church icons, wedding icons, namesake icons, measure icons, etc.)

For further information please contact me by this contact form.

*The inscription on the icon can be written in any language.


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